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  1. I had tested on a number of devices and browsers, I have found the issue, it was generating slides with the css style for "touch-action: none" which prevented the scroll from working, I overrode this in my scss file to be "pan-y" and it is now working as expected. I think this is worth noting as this should probably get resolved as this was a nightmare to locate the cause and fix.
  2. I can't create a code-pen the code is all using c# for values and variables, equally the images are stored securely on IP restricted connections, there isn't a need to view the demo anyway I just need to know how to allow vertical scrolling of the web page when clicking and dragging vertically on the slider section. This is the draggable code is there is a value I need to change It fully prevents the web page being scrolled over on mobile as it only allows the horizontal scroll, I obviously don't want that because it is useless to the web pages functionality, I am surprised wh
  3. Hi, I have a draggable horizontal carousel, but on mobile it prevents the vertical scroll of the webpage. How do I stop it from only allowing horizontal scroll across the slider? When a user drags their screen to move down the page if they have the slider section on their screen it won't allow them to get further down the website? - This seems like a silly issue so I am aware I am probably missing something simple, any help is appreciated. Thanks Kieran