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  1. ok thank you ^^ good bye to those 3hours then For the moment my bank account display -850€ But when i will be back on tracks, i will definitely consider this option
  2. Just tried for 2hours to morph svg, and just discovered, it's part of the Gsap CLUB, just to be sure, do i have to pay to use the morphsvg ? Thnak you.
  3. Oh perfect thank you, i didnt found it in my research, thank you for all the good work.
  4. Hey guys, I am looking to achieve this effect, but it is using anime.js https://tympanus.net/Development/MorphingPageTransition/# I dont want to load to a second a library + i'am in love with GSAP, and i am pretty sure i can achieve this with it. Do you have any tips, leads, to achieve this ? Thank you everyone and have a good day.
  5. Can't wait for this ! Thank you guys And keep us updated on your APP OP, i would love to see the result
  6. Thats perfect, i had missed to call the function, inside another anoter one, thanks again i am really apreciated it . ?
  7. Hi Greensockers, First of all i want to thank you everyone. This forum and this community have been very helpfull from the begining. Now here is the problem ^^ Im trying to do animations in a React (Gatsby) website. I have a slider section where i want to change lot of stuff on my site when i switch from a slide to another (color menu, color buttons, color title...) So i use React Redux with state to do this and call my action to change my color. Everything is working, the function is called, but at the begining of the timeline, before all the previous one. I think i have syntax a problem, i tried to separate functions and parameters in the call function but without success. Thank you for your help.
  8. Kovsky

    Noob question here

    Thank you for your help guys, its impressive Mikel, exactly what i needed, it will be a good start to get a better undestanding of GSAP. Just to figure out how to convert this to my React. Thanks again guys ❤️
  9. Kovsky

    Noob question here

    Thank you for your reply Zach but It's not a slider i have tried the slider "full page" as mentionned above. https://the-ramen-noob.netlify.com/index3/ And the problem is the slider.... with full page, the animation doesnt cover the previous one my best shot is still https://the-ramen-noob.netlify.com/index2/ with gsap and scrollmagic i just need to prevent scrolling
  10. Kovsky

    Noob question here

    Hi, Thank you for the nice welcome ? Thats a sad answer.... i have already seen the fullpage plugin, but i can't see a way to animate 2sections in one scene like on the example. Anyway, thank you for your concern. I will keep my research and keep you updated.
  11. Kovsky

    Noob question here

    Hi guys, I am learning GSAP and Scroll magic for a day now, and i am really stuck at the moment ?, i have been lurkin all around the web to get a solution but found nothing. The problem seems simple maybe you might help. I am trying to reproduce the animation here --> http://akinsparker.com/ For the moment i just have this --> https://the-ramen-noob.netlify.com/index2 The thing i am struggling with is when i put a duration at 52% on my scene, if i do one scroll (on 1920 screen), its cool, i go to the next scene, but if i do a "big scroll", its just scroll to the bottom or the page. But if i go there http://akinsparker.com/ no matter the "size" of my scroll, i just go to the next scene. Bonus point : why do i have to put 52% to go to next scene on a big screen. Thank you all for your help, it's really apreciated ? Have a great weekend