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  1. Nerd or Die is looking for someone that loves to create exciting animated designs in browser compatible formats. We're looking for someone proficient with GSAP, CSS, and using Lottie Files. Having knowledge about streaming platforms like Twitch is a major bonus, but not required. Projects will consist of taking mockups in image or video form (typically designed in Photoshop or After Effects), and converting them into HTML based animations. This position would begin as a freelance, however we are open to hiring full or part-time if we find the right person. Some simple examples of work we'd made can be found are posted below, or you can check out our website here for more examples. We've been fortunate to find some amazing people via these forums, and hopefully we can keep up the trend! Example 1 Example 2
  2. Yes! We've used (and loved) GSAP for years - apologies for not providing link. Will update profile etc.
  3. Nerd or Die is looking for a talented HTML5 animator (GSAP) with an eye for motion design and the ambition to do something a bit different. We specialize in products designed for live streamers (Twitch, YouTube, etc.), so having knowledge about the streaming world is basically a requirement (just being a viewer is great). We'd be looking for someone that is proficient in GSAP and HTML, CSS, and JS, and would be comfortable taking Photoshop or After Effects mockups and converting them to HTML animations. The position would be freelance, but we are always looking to add talented people to our staff.