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  1. Hey hey Thank you so much Mr Greensock Jack ! You gave me the solution... YES, I was subloading swf in my Scene... obviously those swfs was published long time ago. and since it is almost only text (but scrolling) that I didn't have to modify I didn't think about them, so I just published once again with ActionScript 3 all my FLA and subloading SWFs and it is working !! Thanks for having take the time to help a poor dinosaur with the long time not supported middle-actionscript-age 3.0 Thanks for all your work cheers
  2. how can I have mis-matched versions of greensock, I have only downloaded the "official" AS 3 version from here : https://github.com/greensock/GreenSock-AS3 then copied the com folder just near my FLA file... What can go wrong ? but I notice that there is different version number inside that download TweenMax is version 12.1.5 but TintPlugin is version 12.01 anyway, that how it is, there is nothing I can do isn't ? Perhaps trying with an older version would working since I already exported the FLA project back in 2011 or 2012 without any bug reported... so... I don't even understand how it is possible... anyway, thanks for trying Jack
  3. Look at this topic... it looks like sometimes greensock AS3 v11 is working better than v12 ? is there a way to download the greensock actionscript 3 version 11 or even older ?
  4. Just last thing... From what I remember when I was working on this project, I am sure I was using a different version of Greensock ActionScript 3 when downloading the Greensock-AS3, There was a docs or asdocs folder for documentation (not anymore) and a Greensock.SWC version too why we don't have any of these usefull files anymore ?? so much things can go wrong...
  5. I just found something strange (I think) I can't find any reference of "onInitTween" when search in the all com/greensock/ folder (just downloaded from Github Greensock-AS3 But there is many reference when search in the "official" Greensock Javascript folder... Is this normal ?? I am wondering now if the only (and latest) AS3 version from Github is really bug-free ???
  6. OK Thanks you so much for your quick reply I was desperate... with Flash killed and the 'new" actionscript 3.0 I was using, dying.... It looks like a joke... added to this, I am more a graphic designer, than developer.... SO... Yes I downloaded the latest version of Greensock AS3 (and AS2 for testing purpose) from your Github folder... So I am sure to have the latest version of Greensock BUT What I WAS using at the time of the project, was probably a PREVIOUS version of Greensock AS3... Do you think it possible, the publishing will work with a previous version of greensock-AS3 (and bugging with the latest greensock-AS3) ???? if so, IS there a way to download previous version of Greensock actionscript 3 ??? I am in the dark here, so If you have a better idea... or some help.... or suicide hotline, (I have got a big holes on my green & blue socks.... and it sucks really GREEN !! (joke) Thanks
  7. Hello, I am really not a developper, and I just want to modify an old Flash project, it was done in Adobe Flash CS5.5 and Actionscript 3 At the time with this applications, The publishing of the FLA project (a kind of mp3 player...) was well and done, everything was working well. it was created to work as a local standalone "application" (SWF) opened with Flash Player.app Now, I managed to find Adobe Flash CS6 application (since Flash is dead now...) And when I try to export or publish the animation I got these error, and the Flash Player Debugger application crash (Then I have to force to quit the app)... : VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of onInitTween in com.greensock.plugins.TintPlugin. ReferenceError: Error #1065: variable MainTimeline is not defined I was thinking perhaps, it is caused by using a newer version of greensock AS3 ? (but really don't know, and I didn't find the way to download previous AS3 versions) I am using the recently downloaded Greensock AS3 version 12.1.5 Please is anyone able to help me ? with this minimal informations ? if you need more info or copy of actionscript actions used in that projet, jusst tell me. Thanks