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  1. Thanks , proably better to define this way but anyway the bezier path how i defined was working, the problem is how to drop <div> </div> in a certain point of the bezier path and how to Pin it.
  2. So after a bit of study and researching, and obviusly reading your answer's link etc , i understood how to resolve my problem but to do so i need to drop during the bezier path some (3 or 4) input button i need to use them to open a bulma modal. So i researched and found this one that drops divs (https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/zqmWdv) but i can't make it work with my bezier path structure. So this is my code pen (https://codepen.io/eddy10957/pen/BaBGGWJ), they cannot let me include the various tweenmax.js scrollmagic.js etc etc but it works for sure. So two question are how to drop something on the path ? Why my bezier path is not smooth i tried to equal the exit of a point of the path with the starting point of the next point of the path but seems not working good? I've read there are some plugins with a "pro" subscription but this this a no budget work so i can't afford the plugin that makes it easier, so if i can do it with the basic bezier path etc it would be really nice. Thanks so much for the help.
  3. Hi thanks for the fast reply, of course it was better i shared some code so this is the first version before the question was done : https://codepen.io/eddy10957/pen/vYBrvwX then after i took a look at the second topic you sent me i tried to replicate their result combinig to the story teller js but seems it doesn't work ( on codePen didn't include the story-teller.js because there are too many file and i don't know how to include them in the codePen sorry??https://codepen.io/eddy10957/pen/xxKzMKx Sorry another time if the codePens are a bit a mess .
  4. Not sure if what i'll ask can be done with bezierpath but let's try. As you will notice i'm pretty new about this world especially to GSAP and scrollMagic, i found the BezierPath on scroll the perfect animation for my website. I wanted to do a story teller site, so with the Bezier path i did a ship cruising along the page while scrolling, my question is if i can combine all the GSAP bezier path with this script https://github.com/jshom/story-teller ( it just writes down the story in a div ). So the idea is, while i scroll the page with the ship going around the site there are some stopping point in the Bezier Path were a div appears and the story-teller.js starts to spell a part of the story, then continue to scroll and another div with another paragraph appears. Sorry about my bad english and probably all the errors i did about this world, i'm trying to improve and study this as much as possibile. Thanks.