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  1. Thanks Zach! That was definitely the trick! I recommend putting a note in the documentation (e.g. on the .create() methods) a short description of why you can't use multiple functions like this without creating proxies as you've shown. Being a newbie I didn't even know what to call my problem, so that's why I didn't find the answer in the forums despite searching for more than an hour! Thanks for the quick and accurate response!
  2. Problem 1: The Draggable.create() does not work unless it is put prior to the definition of t1 (the TimelineMax)... for example on line 3. There are workarounds for this... but I still get problem 2... Problem 2: While t1 is executing if the user drags the #Handle (the orange circle) t1 finishes (as shown by the execution of the onComplete event function for t1. This happens AFTER the onDragComplete, so that the seek & play command in onDragComplete is basically a no-op! I want to have t1 running and be able to drag the handle, and once it is done being dragged start t1 from t