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  1. Thanks Zach! That was definitely the trick! I recommend putting a note in the documentation (e.g. on the .create() methods) a short description of why you can't use multiple functions like this without creating proxies as you've shown. Being a newbie I didn't even know what to call my problem, so that's why I didn't find the answer in the forums despite searching for more than an hour! Thanks for the quick and accurate response!
  2. Problem 1: The Draggable.create() does not work unless it is put prior to the definition of t1 (the TimelineMax)... for example on line 3. There are workarounds for this... but I still get problem 2... Problem 2: While t1 is executing if the user drags the #Handle (the orange circle) t1 finishes (as shown by the execution of the onComplete event function for t1. This happens AFTER the onDragComplete, so that the seek & play command in onDragComplete is basically a no-op! I want to have t1 running and be able to drag the handle, and once it is done being dragged start t1 from the location indicated by where the user drug the #Handle.