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  1. I have a function that loops and appends an elements to a div.

    How can i reference this newly added element and tween it?



    clickableGrid: function( ){

    for (var i = 0; i < 30; i ++)


    var box = createItem();



    //How can i reference this newly added element and tween it?

    TweenLite.to($(box), duration, {css : {top:90,left: 100},});





    createItem: function () {

    var tileItem = "<div class='tileItem'><div class='tileImage'></div><div class='tileTitle'>test</div></div>"

    return tileItem



    I have been adding them to the stage and then using



    boxes.each( function (i){


    box = $(this);




    to target each added item. but i bet there is a better way. only one iteration.



  2. I am building a pure action script mobile project for the IPad.

    I will be scrolling through full screen 40 images. 1024 by 768.

    Any tips or tricks for optimizing this using Greensock? ThrowPropsPlugin ?

    I want to use panel-based flick scrolling but am worried about performance with such large images.

    Do you have any thoughts of re: using the scroll rect? withThrowPropsPlugin ?


    I see you are using masks with your examples which i am worried about doing on mobile.




  3. What would I want use in this case?


    1. I am scaling my content to fit the browser size.

    2. my content is a sprite holding lots of clips (also sprites). picture a row of thumbnails for a gallery.

    3. once all the clips are added I want to be able to scroll them back and forth horizontally.

    4. the holder will be wider than the stage, which acts as a mask.

    5. so I want the clips to be able to be off screen. and i want them to scale up correctly per the browser size.


    and does your solution have any performance issues?


    thanks for your time!


  4. My Content ...


    _map = new Map();



    I want my content to scale with the browser size. So i am using liquid area.


    _liquidArea = new LiquidArea(this, 30, 0, 990, 600);

    _liquidArea.attach(_holder, ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_INSIDE, AlignMode.CENTER, AlignMode.TOP);


    I now want to be able to tween _map off the stage and not have everything reset when I resize the browser.


    any thoughts? every time i re size the browser everything resets. My content centers. i want it to remain where i tweened it.


    thanks for your time,