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  1. @omarel you save me with that piece of code! thanks
  2. Yes, it was a 3rd party issue, that was the problem, i was using an older version of babelify. Thank you for your time!
  3. It seems to be a babelify issue, that can't transform GSAP functions into ES5. I'm getting this error: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'arrayify' of undefined" at "Function.Babelify.configure (D:\path-to-project-directory\node_modules\babelify\index.js:39:49)". And this property (arrayify or canCompile) seems to be deprecated and removed here . Maybe the Babelify package isn't update to work without these functions "babel.util.arrayify" and "babel.util.canCompile". If someone have a fresh working install of typescript + gsap + (browserify + babelify), would be nice to share it with me, thanks a lot. In the screenshot uploaded you can see all tsconfig.js devDependencies installed, and the error that i'm getting when try to compile gsap with gulp (browserify + babelify).
  4. I've installed and imported GSAP and @types/gsap, and my file.ts import it well, but when i run gulp with the Typescript Gulp Configuration i get this error: Error: Cannot find module 'babelify' from 'D:path-to-directory\node_modules\gsap'. I've installed all babel components until i get one last error that tells me "cannot find the function canCompile".