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  1. Hi Zach, I have created a codepen for this can you please check and and help me to create a animation of text like https://plasticbcn.com first section it would be very helpful. Codepen here - https://codepen.io/sharik/pen/oNvYOrG As I am new to gsap and its little urgent from client side. I have also asked the client to purchase the GSAP memebrship so that we can use additional plugins. And one additional query .. sorry I am asking so much questions as I need to share the client timeline. Can you just let me know what will be a tentative timeline for a project like plasticbcn website . I mean like a newbie like me how much time it can take to develop such website. I am making the website with React on frontend and GSAP for animation . We are facing problems with animation and then rendering it on react component as its a different thing to apply animation directly and use it with react website .
  2. Hi Thanks for so prompt reply sir. Will check it and get back to you if I face any problems. No I am not copying there website just taking there reference will tweak my animations once I am used to this.
  3. Dear Team, I am quite new to gsap exploring things. Can someone help me out on how to create a Text Animation that replaces some part of the words from a sentence and change text also within some seconds. There is a example of https://plasticbcn.com/ website first section in which text are getting animated. Help will be appreciated. Our staging URL http://fcadev.surge.sh/