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  1. I haven't read the docs thoroughly yet. Some sort of snippet would point me to the right direction right away. But i think i'll just experiment first and then come back if i have any queries.
  2. Thanks, i'll play around with the methods and see what i can come up with. Would you mind if you can provide any pseudo code or snippet that will show how to implement those methods, so i can somewhat get an idea on how they'll be used?
  3. Based on the codepen, what i'm planning to do is sort of a typing game where the user types and any word that matches the input will be removed from DOM or when any word has reached the end of the container, then stop the stagger animation altogether. So the checking of condition would probably be invoked on every keypress.
  4. I'm playing around with this amazing library. What I'm currently doing is to stagger animate a list of words. How do i stop the animation of a particular elem in the list while they're being animated one by one by TweenMax stagger method Requirement: If a condition is met, i want to stop a particular element in the stagger.