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  1. thanks for reply @RolandSoos and @mikel. my code is working fine i will update shortly.
  2. Hello to all, i had tried to make sticky menu with up down movement with greensock. when scroll down 2 step hide header and scroll up to show header. like : https://www.mamutlove.com/projects/shyheader/ any reference link or help me please
  3. hey @mikel thanks for your help. I find one issue when i jump to next section using mouse scroll, images are fading but scaling animation of section first is stop. is there anyway images fading with scaling effect on mouse scroll. "I still do not understand, what do you mean by 'scroll 5 time'" it means images effect show on while scrolling not on page load and first scroll. please find the attachment video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UEU1xBhovlgiWiL91hvqwLhP1AqP45sQ/view?usp=sharing best regards sumith
  4. ok @mikel thanks for reply, i want after scrolling 5 times on page then image or video should start showing. i have also updated codepen code please have a look. Best regards Sumith
  5. @mikel it doesn't work in my code. do you have any solution ??? please help me. thanks
  6. hi @mikel thanks for reply. but i need when i scroll 5 time then show fade out, not first scroll to fade-out.
  7. hello sir, please help some code issue,

    i tried to long time this work but i have no idea how to do this.



  8. i have used greensock(gsap) with scrollmagic jQuery library. i tried to create same effect as on reference site. but i stuck with some issue. my question is when i scroll 5 times or more times then fade out the first section only. what i need reference site https://www.beargrylls.com/