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  1. We are getting the issues with gsap/business as well.
  2. A little different approach than @mikel https://codepen.io/kishin-karra/pen/dyybaXB
  3. How I mostly do it is as follows: Split the text using SplitText utility Stagger the character elements Just a quick demo https://codepen.io/kishin-karra/pen/jOONQrQ
  4. Something like Intersection Observer might help? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Intersection_Observer_API You can set the intersection threshold and start animating once the threshold has reached?
  5. Hi there, this is more of a problem to determine when exactly to start applying GSAP animations to a list element rather than how to apply it. You can use something like intersection observer which will help you determine what animation to apply at what time and thresholds. (if the intersection is increasing with time, you apply blur more to less and eventually 0 when intersection is 100% and 0 to some value when the intersection is decreasing) Would suggest you to go through the following doc https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Intersection_Observer_API
  6. There are 3 mistakes. in dragEnd, console.log(box) is giving error. There is no such thing as box Remove x:0, y:0 from tween.to I have no idea why, the right box doesnt show border for the second time. But, once you solve 1 & 2, it started working a little. Here is the forked codepen https://codepen.io/kishin-karra/pen/PoYZEKo
  7. You are absolutely correct. That is what i mentioned in the initial question as well, I was just trying to figure out if there is a more efficient solution which i could not figure out from the docs. Will go with onUpdate then, Thanks a lot ?
  8. Using lag smoothing, i can tell Timeline/Tweens to adjust the lag (when the time between ticks is higher than x make them act as y milliseconds) but how do i know when the lag is actually smoothed. Thats when i will also smooth the lag of my audio.
  9. So we have a system where certain animations on elements run and simultaneously audio plays (combine them and you get a video), so to keep them in sync I need to constantly know that wether my audio is leading or lagging so that i can adjust it accordingly.
  10. Hi, Newbie here. I know that when the app performance goes low, gsap automatically slows down the internal gsap clock and brings back to normal when the performance is back to normal. I just want to know is there a direct way to find out wether the clock has changed or not? One way is i can animate a dummy element from my timeline start to timeline end and check the time in onupdate. But is there some direct callback/event which i can use? Sorry if the question is absurd or doesnt make sense at all.