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  1. Thanks Jack!
    Haha us frontend guys really arnt cut out for the black box background stuff ay :) - ill give that a try and when i figure ity out ill report back (ill get one of the cleaver guys in the team to take a poke).

    Its been a great ride and wierdly i dont feel like the bulk of GSAP has changed that much in the whole time i have used it - it keeps up with the latest tech but the beauty for me is i am using almost the same method of writing the animated and interactive today as i was then, this lets me think about the cool stuff not the code - i have also had a great career and a lot of that is down to gsap - so high fives all round!


    Cheers brother.


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  2. Thanks for that! 
    The build is working but when i run serve:ssr the issue being thrown up is arround the way gsap imports internaly in the NPM repo:

    import gsap from "./gsap-core.js";

    SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module

    Any Clues? Feels ES related but not really my knowledge area.

    Cheers Jack :)

    PS: I have been a greensock member since you first made club greensock (and using it from long before that - id guess we are nearly 16years+ of gsap now and i could not live without it, allthough i miss Actionscript lol). Many thanks!