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  1. Hi Zach I was wondering if you saw my post from earlier today. I am still trying to get the copy to come in all on the same line and split at the last minute. Any ideas how I can address this. I have update the codepen from OP. thanks again!
  2. Thank you both!! I am trying to have the sentence all come along the shared path area (in green) and then once they reach the three splits (in pink) to each stick to their own lane. Does that make any scene? Also what are the advantages and disadvantages of using svg text. Thanks again!!
  3. Hi Zach! Thanks for your suggestions. I tried the first route you mentioned, worked perfectly!! Do you know how I can eliminate the little bump at the end of the animation as the copy comes to a rest? Also at the moment the line is using one path for all three lines, my goal is to use three different paths which will result in the copy looking like its all on one line right before they split to their resting position. Thanks again!!
  4. Hi, This is my first time posting in the forum! I searched everywhere but could not find the answer so here goes. I want to animate a line of text on a motion path. At the moment it is not working as the characters all end up on top of each other. I think it has to do with the start/end within the path that's being set but I do not know how to add code to address this. (FYI my end goal is to animate the three lines of text on three different motion paths perhaps using the class for each line. Any help would be appreciated.)
  5. This should help fix the problem. .set(element, {z:0.01, rotation:0.001, force3D:true , transformPerspective:1000, transformStyle:"preserve-3d"})