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  1. After uploading the video, these codes start working. For this reason, I just want to move the video time to its position in the timeline. cycleControl (18) : example: seek (18). video should start at 3 seconds. 18 - 15 -> (Video Scane Checkpoint) But, the video does not start from this point. Here is the problem.
  2. Thank you for your comment iDad5 . The game is running on nodejs with socket. The socket controls the input and global time. It sends a parameter in the form of cycleControl (18) to this page. The game then starts at the 18th second. Did I explain. I do not know.
  3. Hi. I prepared a Codepen sample. https://codepen.io/kemal-durhat/pen/WNoVzjx
  4. The game continues in the loop and online for 24 hours. If the participating players join the game on the video screen, I write a global time value in the function. All game scenes have a specific duration. example: tm.add ("question", 6); .. The only part I need is to dynamically adjust the start time of the video in this timeline if it gets into the game in the video scene.
  5. Hi. In a Nodejs based realtime game, I want to edit the time of the running video when the user logs in to the game. Since there are multiple scenes in the game and I use (timeline to) in these scenes, I transfer the user to the scene with (seek). getTime(3); function getTime(time) { tm.to(coming_question_section, { display: "block" }, "coming_video"); tm.to(coming_question_video, { onStart:videoPos, onStartParams:[time] }, "coming_video"); tm.to(coming_question_section, { display: "none" }, "question"); tm.to(question_section, { display: "block", onStart:startQuestion,onStartParams: [0] }, "question"); tm.seek(time); } function videoPos(p) { coming_question_video.currentTime = p ; } When I set a value of 0 to the getTime function, there is no problem. But, when I give a value of 3, there is a problem. The video starts from 0.