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  1. Hi Mikel. Actually the problem was hidden in the code I removed for the example. So you could't see it. It was on events and functions design side rather that GSAP. Anyway thanks for quick reply
  2. Hi, first of all i want to thank you for GSAP being awesome. Creating my site, i noticed strange behavior. I have complex animation, wchich goes forward/backward depending on wether element is clicked even or odd times. Everythings works pretty well exept for one part. I have svg stars empty inside with clipped rect to animate 'loading' the stars. While rest of animation works back and forth without any issues, here works well for the first time, then each consecutive time looks like there is one more animation interfering with the rest. It,s hard to explain it precisely, due to my limited english, however it's clear in the example i attached . Just click a few time and observe the effect. For demostration purposed, I removed all well-functioning parts of animation.