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  1. Okay.. I've come to find it a good practice to use an overlay that only use simple objects and then i read the values on those simple objects and sets the scaleX/Y etc. values on the original components. The only functionality I loose is skewing of the objects. It works nicely this way.
  2. Hi, I just ran into some wierd behavior regarding your TransformManager: I am using Flex. Here is a some images of what im having trouble with: Now above could be worked around, however it starts to become a problem if I set LineScaleMode to None: The example is just af Group that in the updateDisplayList method draws a rectangle on its graphics instance. Normal behavior would be, that the handles would be on the center of the border. Here is the code from my class that does nothing but extending the class Group and this: override protected function updateDisplayList(w:Number, h:Number):void { var g:Graphics = graphics; g.clear(); g.lineStyle(2, 0xFF0000, 1, false, LineScaleMode.NONE); g.beginFill(0xFFFFFF, 1); g.drawRect(0, 0, w, h); g.endFill(); }