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  1. Hi @ZachSaucier


    Thanks for the quick help. Also thanks for the tips.


    The problem is, imagine I have 5 - 10 of these clocks on one page, there is a huge drop in performance.


    One way I could optimize is to make sure the minute and hour hand don't rotate until after 60 and 60*60 seconds respectively. This way repainting is reduced to improve performance.


    My original pen only repaints the minute hand after a cycle (say 60sec), your example repaints the minute hand after every 1sec. This was why I went with the repeatDelay originally.

  2. Hi,


    1. I have a second hand of a clock rotating for 60 seconds

    2. I have a minute hand of a clock that should rotate 360/60 after every 60 seconds.


    The problem is I am using reapeatDelay to delay the minute hand for every 60 seconds but when it plays again, it resets back to the original position 0deg.


    How do I make the rotate animation continue from where it stopped?


    Here is a pen 


    In the pen above, I changed the timing from 60sec to 5sec so you can see what's going on faster.

    See the Pen gNNaRp by codebeast (@codebeast) on CodePen