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  1. Hi Tom, thanks for quick response. I have done what you suggested but still have not found right solution. I believe it will be simple and quick for professional. Easy money to collect... Greensock guys say it is a bit beyond the support they offer around there because it relates to media queries and responsive layouts. I can understand it, they focus on GSAP topic. Wish you all the best. Jiri
  2. Hello Tom, I am struggling with menu reveal that is supposed to be responsive. Are you available for help? Thanks Jiri
  3. Hello @mikel, thanks for your good hint and your pen. I just have one more question. Will that GSAP animated clipPath be played in all main browsers? Thanks for advise. Jiri
  4. Hi @PointC, I simplified the pen and thanks for help. Jiri
  5. Hi everybody, I try to make tween menu responsive but got lost. ? I use watchmedia and addListener to change width of menu panel but my script obviously does not work properly when a) resizing the window b) resizing window and clicking menu button. Is there a good soul that could help me to fix it? Your ideas are welcome. Thanks a lot. Jiri
  6. Guys, thanks. ? Going to read and learn.
  7. I am newbie to GSAP and wonder why my menu animates just ones. I would be grateful if you helped to fix the code. Thanks a lot.