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  1. Thank you for the key and tips. @ZachSaucier So, am I right about this: params in vars controls whole timeline of list. Put into the stagger, controls each element? And looking forward to a detail document of the new, strong "stagger" feature.?
  2. TweenMax 2.x again https://codepen.io/7up/pen/LYEpRXg
  3. In TweenMax 2.x, use TweenMax.staggerTo, first element yoyo repeat first. https://codepen.io/7up/pen/LYEpRXg But in gsap 3.x, use stagger attribute, first element start first, but yoyo last. not same result as above. https://codepen.io/7up/pen/bGNVwJp How, can I get the same result using gsap 3.x? @ZachSaucier
  4. @ZachSaucier But, how can I get same result as 2.x. ? Help me?
  5. @GreenSock @ZachSaucier Do you find it is definitly different between the code demo and your video. The repeat order is changed! In video, the first grid start repeating (yoyo) first. But in code version, the last grid start repeating first. It's a bug that makes different in behaviour from 2.x.