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  1. Please contact me when this happens. Please.. .

  2. Why don't you know when flash is going down????????????

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      I'd like to knwo.

  3. That's not exactly what I am talking about. Yes there are a bunch of images loading at the same time. But the question is not how to present a progress bar over each of the images. My question is that I want to display a loading/busy indicator over each of the images - something that infinitely loops in a circle - no 0% to 100% progress bars. But the problem is how do I ensure the frame rate stays at around 30fps but still allow the user to scroll the list of images vertically (up and down). With a Blitmask, I could ensure that the framerate is still around 30fps; however, that takes a static snapshot of the loaded and loading images. That would mean the busy indicators would stop moving while the user is scrolling the blitmask. Then I was thinking I might convert each of the frames of the busy indicator into a bitmap and animate the bitmap sequence. I can have it so that each of the busy indicators associated with each of the loading images are using the same bitmapdatas. That way the bitmapdata associated with each frame is not adding too much to the app. Then I was thinking of creating a class that animates each of these bitmaps. Each instance of this class would be using the CPU to animate each busy indicator instance. But perhaps I can create an EnterFrame event listener that checks when the busy indicator instances are on stage. When they aren't on stage,then I stop animating the indicator. How does this sound? Is what I describe clear? Is there a better way?
  4. I'm trying to figure out the best way to animate a list of thumbnail images that are loading. This is for mobile/tablet. I'd like to allow the user to be able to scroll thru a list of thumbnail images. I thought I may want to use the blitmask class, but some of the thumbnails may not be loaded yet so I need to show a revolving loading indicator in the middle of the thumbnail image. What is the best way to animate a list of items where some of the items have animated loading indicators? thanks, Jack
  5. What about Stage3D? Is that something to look into?
  6. My animation (a rotating loading indicator) occasionally stalls as my app is processing some code. Is there a way to avoid this? Is there a way to make the animation run on the GPU rather than the CPU? Any ideas are welcomed! thanks, Jack Below is the code that I run. The displayObject "_spCenter" is a circular loading indicator: private function rotate():void { if(_tween == null || !_tween.active){ _tween = new TweenLite(_spCenter, .6, {rotation: 355, ease: Linear.easeInOut, onComplete:rotate}); } }
  7. What is the best way to animate a filter out - to remove the filter gradually? I've tried the following, but it does nothing: _tweenHover = TweenLite.to(sprite, .5, {glowFilter: new Object()}); Then I tried to remove the filter using the remove special property, but that removes the filter IMMEDIATELY after the tween's duration time: _tweenHover = TweenLite.to(sprite, .5, {glowFilter: {remove:true}}); What I am looking to do is animate the filter so eventually there is no filter after the tween's duration. The following works: _tweenHover = TweenLite.to(sprite, .5, {glowFilter: {alpha: 0, blurX: 0, blurY: 0})}); But is that the best way?