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  1. Yes, thank you. I always learn something new here. I will give a smooth scroll, I guess locomotive should work ok with it
  2. Its very hard to see on video, but it happes first two times I scroll up and down: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/644140012
  3. @GreenSock Yes, that's what I wanted. I never thought of scrub as delay, but rather the "smoothness" of scurb animation Thanks for clearing that up! A quick follow up, these red boxes are actually images in my local project, but once the main parent pins, the images (and also text behind) have this werid kick? Like they go down for brief moment, maybe like 1 frame per second, almost impossible to see it. I tried to solve it with " anticipatePin: 1," but does not work. It's literally same code as in codepen I can upload video if that could give you any better idea.
  4. Hi all, I created codepen where you can see a .h-scroll__inner section that pins and do horizontal scrolling. I also animate inner element (red boxes) with new containerAnimation. But as you can see, red boxes have this delay when I use scroll wheel. they are not instant. Why is this happening?
  5. Hi guys, I made a simple demo where Im trying to rotate 3 spans. My idea is that timeline overlaps, so it looks like one span is pushing other out, I tried this by using "-=1" after the first timeline is finished, but obviously it's not archiving wanted result. Is this even right direction to go with? I also dont want to make it fixed for 3 spans only, there might be more. Thanks in advance.
  6. So I added smartphone and tablet smooth true, but It doesn't work for me for some reason. (I also commented out the gsap pin which should be used when mobile/tablet smooth is disabled). It doesn't add smooth class to my HTML element either. Im not getting any errors, really werid
  7. I found the solution, sorry for spaming to forum: repeat: 5, repeatRefresh: true Did the job (Still would be cool if someone more experienced could confirm this)
  8. Hi all, I want to move .box by 100px for each repeat, but the tween always restarts. There is commented version which I adapted from other codepen Zach helped me with, but I don't think that's the right way of doing it
  9. If you removed it, I wouldn't be so happy that I figured it on my own haha (still only learning js). I think your codepen works like charm, just tested it. Thank you, I will let you know otherwise.
  10. Yes like that! I think, I will test it right away. But I don't need count and onRepeat anymore, that you left in pen?
  11. Hi Zach, Well, not exactly that, I don't want init(); to run after 2 full repeats, but after 3rd ".to" of timeline running 1st time, So basically, if page has loaded & if my timeline is finished 3 ".to" out of 4 (on first run)... I'm not sure if that's clear enough? Maybe Im using wrong words, but you're codepen is still very useful to learn how onRepeat can be used.
  12. Hi guys, I have basic codepen where I have "loader" animation, which i want to animate out with code, once my page is loaded. So I used window.addEventListener('load', (){ init(); }) In case my page loads before my loader animation finished atleast 3 steps, I still want them to play out before init() runs... I tried using onComplete on 3rd .to of my loader timeline and adding fnc() (which was wrapper for window.addEventListener), but it didn't work...I assume it's because that's not have event listeners work... is there any way I can archive this?
  13. Thank you for another example! I was referencing video from this thread
  14. Hi Zach, thank you for responding. When I did search on forum I found immediateRender, but video tutorial said it's used only in from or fromTo, so I didn't even try to use it. Thanks, this will sort my problem! I will also take a look into onComplete option as it seems the best practice scenario, but also a bit more advance. Thank you again.
  15. Hi all, In this codepen I first use gsap.set to set .line element outside of .box (with yPercent), then I tween it with .to, and after that I use scroll trigger. In all 3 cases I manipulate yPercent. But scrollTrigger doesn't keep going from gsap.to, it resets itself to gsap.set and then it animates. I want scrollTrigger to animate .line starting from position that's been set with gsap.to. How can I acomplish this? (Not sure if it's worth to note that in my non-codepen example I use load event listener to to tween after page is loaded)