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  1. Hello, I went through greensock forum to find solution for smooth scrolling, and it was mostly Blake's codepen solution which pretty much worked as I want, however I was wondering would they work with scrollmagic? What exactly I mean is, I want to trigger gsap animations on element when they scroll into view, and for this I use scrollmagic. I was wondering if there will be problem with this since I read somewhere that this is just transform (which I saw with inspect element), and since it's not "real scroll" scrollmagic wont read it and trigger it when it should? This are
  2. @PointC Hey mate, that's exactly what I needed! I will only replace tlbox.pause with .reverse. I have been playing with on enter and on leave but couldn't figure it out alone. Thank you again
  3. @PointC Thanks for your time! And sorry for bothering too much about something that is not gsap directly. Really couldnt find anything on net.
  4. @PointC Hello, thanks for answering. I do want to animate same properties when I enter the view port, either from scroll up or scroll down, that's the problem. But I dont care how will they be animated out when exiting the viewport as I wont see it or will only see small part of it. I also dont need them to be necessary animated when exiting the viewport, but just them to reset to orginal position so animation works when scrolling up. I wish the orginal animation when scrolling down also plays when scrolling up. This can get alot tricky when animating a lot of properties, codep
  5. Hello guys, 1st of, I want to say that I did alot of research on this one, and the solutions I found weren't the best, so I was hoping somebody could help me here. I'm also aware that ScrollMagic is not made by Greensock, and that people try to keep forum focused on GSAP, but I had no better place to ask, since scrollmagic issue page is very inactive. I hope you wont mind my question. I use GSAP(TimelineLite) and ScrollMagic to animate element once it gets triggered by ScrollMagic's TriggerElement. And that works fine, if I keep scrolling, element will stay in animated state, unless