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  1. Good afternoon, I'm trying to make a preloader, but the problem is that when repeating animation with opacity on the 'expertise' class, the first animation does not fire and is replaced by the second
  2. I tried both examples, but when adding new elements to the page, scrolltrigger does not want to work with them, I don’t know if it is possible to repeat a similar code on the codepen with a ajax request to another page
  3. Okay, thank you for helping guys, in any case it doesn't work as we would like, but thanks anyway)
  4. But .refresh() doesn't work in codepen example
  5. https://codepen.io/DesignStudio/pen/GRZbWjr But i use ajax to get blocks from another page and append it to current
  6. Hello, i try to use scrollTrigger on appended items with ajax, but scrolltrigger.refresh() doesn't work, how can i recalculate positions with ajax appended items. Here's link to website http://fashion-calendar.sigma-studio.pp.ua/index.php?route=blog/home