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  1. Was there a link to another article you mentioned getting started. Sorry if I missed it
  2. Yes I had read the CSS-Tricks article, great article! Thank you. I’ll go through it again obvious not concentrating!😀
  3. Thank you , I was unaware that you could have multiple timelines. I will read the docs more thoroughly. Thanks for your time!
  4. Actually. I’m trying to remove the timeline for the narrow viewport I.e only have one timeline hope that makes sense?
  5. Hello, hope you are all staying well. I am applying a timeline at a particular matchMedia size and attempting to remove it when the matches boolean returns false. So from the Codepen, there is a frame that animates on scroll at 'min-width: 700px' . For some reason (my terrible coding) it animates twice but it still animates on the smaller viewport. Any ideas?
  6. Hi all, just wondering why there is a flash between the yoyo animation?