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  1. Hi Jack. Thanks for your reply. I'll definitely try a few other SWF convertors to see if they're any better than the one I tried. Might be that I'll have to separate the FLA file into individual files that only include the relevant section of animation; that way I avoid trying to begin the animation at a particular point in the timeline which seems to be the issue. Thanks
  2. Hi So I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to using Greensock and I also have an animation that was created by someone else. :-/ The animation uses GSAP to produce a bit of a lengthy animation that needs to be exported as an MP4 file. The animation is divided up into indivdual steps by adding labels for each one e.g.: TimelineMax.add("step1"); ..... TimelineMax.add("endStep1"); I have the original FLA file, so that I can change the current step to be played via a variable called 'step', which I can export as a SWF file and all plays f