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  1. Hi Mikel, Thank you for your help! Sorry, I don't think i was so clear. I would like there to be no horizontal scrolling on the page at all - I would like the users vertical scroll to make the slides move in horizontally.
  2. Hi! I am using GSAP and scrollmagic, and I want to make a slide show of sorts. I want to scroll down the page vertically and have the slides transition in horizontally. Almost exactly like this! However, I want the background of the entire page to be a vertical gradient that is always black on top but changes colors on the bottom. My codepen has this gradient working perfectly, except you have to scroll horizontally. In the middle of each slide I want to have a section with some information. In my codepen this is illustrated by the blue box. Basically I want the blue boxes to keep sliding in horizontally and have the background keep changing like it currently is in my pen. The only difference is I want the whole thing to happen on a vertical scroll like the forum post above. Anyone know how I could do this? Some help would be greatly appreciated.