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  1. I was hoping to use stagger with a wrap, is this not possible?

    gsap.to(".box", {
      y: 100,
      stagger: { // wrap advanced options in an object
        each: gsap.utils.wrap(1,4,2,2,1),
        from: "center",
        grid: "auto",
        ease: "power2.inOut",
        repeat: -1 // Repeats immediately, not waiting for the other staggered animations to finish
  2. I read the documentation and a post here about using autoKill, but I'm not getting it to work. My code seems to be firing the autoKill on start, isn't it supposed to fire on user interaction? Also, this is not scrolling at all. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


    CodePen edited to use 'y' not 'top'

    See the Pen XWWLEjY by cmbarsotti (@cmbarsotti) on CodePen

  3. Please run the code pen but look at the console output.  

    This is gsap version 2.1.3

    I'm using a timeline call and passing three parameters, but I'm getting the individual letters of the first item: 

    > h

    > a

    > e

    Shouldn't I be getting the three words? 

    > hae

    > scroll

    > statement1

    See the Pen NWWeJWE by cmbarsotti (@cmbarsotti) on CodePen

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