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  1. @Visual-Q @Jonathan Thank you guys for the quick reply ?. That information is much appreciated, Smashing! @Visual-Q the studio does allow you to order of the scripts, i was tinkering around with these but with no luck. I had been browsing articles in the forum about something similar and noticed a response about jquery and thought this maybe the problem somewhere along the lines. very grateful for the quick response and the information! Thankyou.
  2. Hi people, I recently started using GSAP on a personal portfolio project, i am using bootstrap studio and GSAP to design it. I have tinkered around on codepen and got the animations working fine. I knocked up a quick template on the studio and deployed it with a few animations and it work fine, now on deployment via the studio i access the portfolio through the browser (not live preview, its domain) and access that through my phone and laptop and the animations are not working. They work fine when i view it through live reload and on code pen. Do i need to link to the jquery cdn? If i did (which i have) is it required to be in a specific postion in my document? maybe referred to in the head section? or after the gsap cdn script? or maybe before? Could there be a conflict with bootstrap files in any way? Also, using the tweens when i wrote code to create the animations, obviously boostrap sorts out the file referencing for you. But looking at the code below i put into the file: TweenMax.from("#nav1", .5 , {x: '-=200', y: '+=50'}), TweenMax.from("#nav2", .5 , {x: '-=200', y: '+=50', delay:0.2}), TweenMax.from("#nav3", .5 , {x: '-=200', y: '+=50', delay:0.4}), TweenMax.from("#nav4", .5 , {x: '-=200', y: '+=50', delay:0.6}); TweenMax.from("#icon1", 1, {opacity:0, delay:1, y:200, rotation:360, scale:1}), TweenMax.from("#icon2", 1, {opacity:0, delay:1.1, y:200, rotation:360, scale:1}), TweenMax.from("#icon3", 1, {opacity:0, delay:1.2, y:200, rotation:360, scale:1}), TweenMax.from("#icon4", 1, {opacity:0, delay:1.3, y:200, rotation:360, scale:1}); Do i require a document ready function around these? Do i need to store the data in variables? I am new to programming, and was hoping to try and figure it out for myself. I have purchased a personal domain and not one from bootstrap studio and wanted to learn to upload it myself but feel its a bit pointless if its not working after been deployed on the bootstrap platform. Any help on this problem, i would be truly grateful for! Thanks in advance, kind Regards Adam
  3. finally. Its taken me 3 days! Thankyou guys