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  1. Hi Zack, Thanks for the tips and improvements, that's exactly the kind of advice I was looking for! I'll try to remove jQuery and switch to v3 too. I think the animation is quite usable now. Regards, San
  2. Hi, Trying GSAP again after a long time and I wanted to create a scribble text animation (see my codepen). The basic idea is to make it look as if the pen is writing the text (no SVG just normal font). Also in case there is more than one line, then underline the text. I just kept hacking at the code until I saw something usable but it's very messy. Also the animation is just okay I guess. Would appreciate your tips and feedback. Thanks! San
  3. Wow that's amazing.. it looks much smoother now, especially the text fade underneath! thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks, that's very good feedback! I will try this? ...also tried to use an animated gif with smoke which is also looking good
  5. This is using the onUpdate method. I think it looks better than the first! https://codepen.io/superasn/pen/EzMGLq
  6. I'm new to GSAP but based on the video tutorials I'm trying to create an simple text effect Basically I'm trying to reveal the text like it's being drawn by an airplane (see my codepen) It's working but I don't think it's looking very smooth. Maybe I should not animate the plane and just position it using the "movePlane" function? Your feedback is appreciated. P.S. Sorry about the ugly code (I'm very new to this) ?
  7. Hello Jonathan, Thanks so much for the reply. I wish there were some ready made text effects to plug and play. So far I've managed to find about 12 examples of text effects using SplitText on codepen so at least I have a starting point now. Also thanks for the resources. I'll learn more to see if I'm able to create my own text effects using these easing libs. Regards, San
  8. I'm amazed with the SplitText library and I was wondering if there is a collection of already made text effects I can use with it? I mean like http://textillate.js.org/ (which is based on animate.css) and offers inbuilt effects like swing, wobble, tada, etc.. Is there something for SplitText too? I know I can write them myself but I'll never be able to create something professional like the demo animations or the textillate type animations. I've tried codepen, github, codecanyon, etc but couldn't find anything.. Anyone know if something like this exists? Cheers! San