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  1. Hello ZachSaucier, Thanks for your prompt reply. I tested your work around on the codepen I provided and it worked. Now time to test on the real scenario 😬 !!! I will let you know how it went. Thanks again,
  2. Good morning my GSAP friends, I am having difficulties understanding 3D Transforms and hope you can help me. The page I am looking to animate comprises an svg element and several buttons, which trigger different sets of animations, one of which rotates an element of the svg along the x-axis (the attached codepen is an oversimplification of my page but replicates the behavior I am experiencing). It seems to me like the "transformPerspective" and "rotationX" are being ignored. Evidently, I am missing something out but cannot figure out what it is. I very much appreciate your guidance!
  3. Thanks ZackSaucier and Mikel, I very much appreciate your help. ZackSaucier's second solution works like a charm!
  4. Thanks! After viewing all the examples, I can definitely see how this might work by incrementing the angle of the masked object (in this case an ellipse). The problem is that I don't know how to accomplish this. The drawSVG does this at the path level not at the fill level; which means I would need to generate a new path for each iterration to achieve the desire effect. Sounds, and most certainly is, crazy. Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this? Am I on the right track?
  5. Hello, I am trying to generate the following tween with the drawSVG plugin, whereby the image is progressively revealed with an anticlockwise motion. Any idea on how I can achieve this? Thanks,
  6. Hi @mikel and @PointC, I appologize for the confussion and believe will have to do a better job explaining myself on the future queries ! The problem I was having related to restarting the animation after the SplitText had run once and not with playing the animation from a specific point forward. Thanksfully, I found a solution which was not as difficult as I once thought. Below is the rational for my solution. 1.- Whenever SplitText is applied, the text provided is converted into lines, words, and/or chars. 2.- The resulting elements are then animated according to the values pr
  7. Hi @PointC, thank you for your prompt feedback. What I provided is only a small portion of a much larger animation. Basically, I am trying to develop an animation that spreads across multiple webpages. So that, the animation on one page is only a "snapshot" of the entire animation. The restart() portion is supposed to restart the animation (time 0, which is much further back than what you see on this few lines of code I provided) whilst the play() portion is supposed to play the animation from a given point in time onwards (the starting position, or page, is passed as an argument). The co
  8. Hi. I am new to GSAP and before getting into my query let me first congratulate you guys for such an amazing library and well written documentation! Despite this, I am having some difficulties whenever I try to restart a timeline containing a Splittext tween as seeing in the codepen url. On the first pass (play button), Splittext splits the text as expected and proceeds with he rest of the animation without a problem. During the replay, the text is already under the format required (i.e. chars, words, or lines) but is not being displayed, which I believe relates to the setting of the propertie