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  1. Hello, Thought I would post on here in case anyone has any good references on how I could recreate something similar to the section starting with 'Real Estate' on this example website: https://videinfra.com/ I am planning to use ScrollTrigger and pinning the overall section. Then translating the images and text based on different triggers. Just need some examples of how to translate the images in a similar way. If someone has a sample Codepen or other reference they could share I would really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for your time guys, it ended up being due to a package that was being used on the component for unique ids that seemed to be mixing up the node references. This had been previously been used as the 'key' prop on the node list. 😅
  3. Thanks for your reply guys, here is some more context. Here's a (seemingly) working example of what we're doing. demo page: '/pages/hero-ex-page.js' component: '/components/hero.js' This code is from our actual project and just stripped down. What we're trying to understand lies in that this very implementation will break when the component is used on a specific page, but not on others. Specifically, when 'pin: true' is set. I know that's vague and difficult to help troubleshoot and that's completely understandable. If anyone has any insight into experiencing th
  4. Hello, I am experiencing this error: 'NotFoundErrror: Failed to Execute 'removeChild' on 'Node': The node to be removed is not a child of this node.' Specifically when using the 'pinning' attribute. Here is the code snippet being used in my component causing the error: useEffect(() => { panelRefs.current.forEach((panelRef, index) => { // GSAPs default 'end' value. let endValue = 'bottom top'; // Unpin the last item right away so it doesn't cover the non-hero content below it. // Still apply scrollTrigger to it so it will 'layer' over the prev image.
  5. Hello, Here are some requirements for the page I need to build: - Must scroll horizontally, so using mouse wheel and arrows would scroll the page horizontally. - Content sections would have different widths based on the content in each section (so not 100vw as I have seen from the ScrollTrigger examples, also have noticed that the width of the container is set to the total width of the content sections. So 6 sections would equate to 600% width set via the css). - Each section will have different parallax/animations upon entering the viewport. - There will be a nav