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  1. That fixed it! Thank you Im a little unsure when to use the .set() method. Like on page load, wouldn't the javascript run after the css - and that way you would first have the initial state with css (e.g no transform, so the item is visible) and then the javascript runs and then set's the transform and hide the element?
  2. As Shaun said, it could be a browser bug/thing. Just curious, what browser are you using Zach?
  3. The menu is stuck in this weird position like this (had to upload an image because the file size limit here is very small): https://ibb.co/2MDYBGv
  4. Hi! I have a problem on a site with the menu not re-calculating the transform property to hide the menu. https://human-as.appex.dev Steps to reproduce: Go to website and open the devtools/console Open the menu with the toggle in top right corner Close the devtools/console Click the menu toggle again to close the menu Code used for the menu animation: CSS & GSAP code for hiding the menu: transform: translateY(-100%); const timeline = new TimelineMax({ paused: true, reversed: true }) timeline .to(this.$refs.mobileNav, 1, { y: '0', ease: Expo.easeInOut }) .staggerTo('.mobile-nav__link', 0.5, { autoAlpha: 1 }, 0.1, '-=0.5')
  5. Hey! I get this error in the console (Uncaught: cannot tween a null target) on a Vue app here: human-as.appex.dev Is it possible to trace what is causing this?
  6. It works as expected when I remove "timeline.progress(1).progress(0)". Is it okay to do it without it?
  7. When I don't have it part of the timeline though it doesn't work as smoothly as intended. I want the scroll to be a part of the timeline so that after they've been scrolled down I do some other animation in the end as well. To be honest Im not sure why I have timeline.progress(1).progress(0). I got help from one of you earlier today that suggested that I put it in my timeline so it starts correctly(?) Sorry to bother you with all these questions, but Im learning a lot from these forums so that's a big plus
  8. It's the same code as here: https://codepen.io/daniel-hult/pen/dybZmbo
  9. It's supposed to scroll to the hidden content that's revealed below the image when you click the icon
  10. Hi! I use the ScrollTo plugin in a forEach loop with different sections. You can see the live site here (click on the plus icon); https://human-as.appex.dev/kontakt Not sure why, but the scrollTo plugin only works sometimes. If you hard refresh the site and try, it will at one point not work. I know this is not much to go by, but do you know why this could happen?
  11. That fixed it! Thank you so much!
  12. Sorry for so many questions - but in your last codepen the height of the hidden content is still "visible" when you click the "close" button after it's opened 🤔
  13. But if I have it set to "height: 0px" in the css from the start - will that work?
  14. Yeah, I can't set a fixed height to it though because it's content that comes from Wordpress on the real site. Any way around this?