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  1. Ahh, okay! Best to use an actual element then Thanks for the explanation!
  2. Hey guys, I made an image reveal effect and have an intersection observer that runs a master timeline that reveals an image and scales it. The reveal effect is done by using the CSSRule plugin, but it's happening on page load rather than inside the master timeline as expected. Am I doing anything wrong here? Also wondering (since I know especially @OSUblake is super good with scroll things - I've seen your replies to ScrollMagic problems ?) is it a good idea to have an intersection observer in a for each loop? Don't know if this is a good solution or if there is a better way to do it
  3. Thank you for the replies! Will take this into account when choosing what to use next time
  4. Hey, Just going to say first that I am super satisfied with gsap and the whole club greensock platform, and not going to stop using gsap in any way. I just wanted to hear your opinion on pros and cons of using gsap vs something like lottie for web when animating svg's e.g. Complex animations can be very tricky to make on the web, and to my eyes it seems like using bodymovin for after effect to export an animation and make it come to life on the web with lottie library is very easy. People in my team are eager to use this as the main tools for animating svg. Would there be any downside to this vs gsap? I know it's not very easy to give a straight answer, but I just wanted to hear the thoughts from people in this forum
  5. Ah, yeah there it is! One last thing though: Im using z-index on some elements, so they are over the control bar. Is it possible to make the devtools be in front always?
  6. Yep! Take a look here: codepen.io/daniel-hult/pen/abbRxOQ
  7. Hi, I tried to include GSDevTools in a new project that uses version 3 of gsap. It seems like it's not working properly (I can't play the timeline and/or use the bar to scroll through it), is this something that is not fully supported in v3 yet?
  8. Okay, awesome! Loving the new syntax
  9. Hi! Just wondering how I go about chaining my timelines into a master timeline with GSAP 3. What does this become in GSAP 3? let tl = new TimelineMax() Like if that is inside a function would it just be this? const someAnimation = element => { let tl = gsap.timeline() tl.to(element, { duration: 1, x: 100 }) return tl }
  10. Daniel Hult

    GSAP 3 css

    No worries! Glad I could help Excited to try the new version of GSAP
  11. Daniel Hult

    GSAP 3 css

    Sure! Im using webpack to bundle all my files, so it shouldn't be too old Where would I send you the files?
  12. Daniel Hult

    GSAP 3 css

    Okay, I figured it out. I have to replace the import with this: import { gsap } from "gsap/dist/gsap" Maybe this path could be the default when importing so you don't need to specify the dist folder and then gsap again?
  13. Daniel Hult

    GSAP 3 css

    Hi! I just installed gsap 3 in a test project with npm install gsap then import with import gsap from 'gsap' And used the following syntax: gsap.to('a', { duration: 1, y: 50, }) This throws this error in the console: Invalid y tween of 50 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() Do I need to register a plugin to use the normal css properties? I though the gsap object was a replacement for TweenMax. Am I wrong?
  14. Thank you! That fixed it What is the difference between setting it to 1 vs 0.01? Won't it be the same thing happening behind the scenes?
  15. Hey, Why does the animation have a bit of lag/performance issue (not sure what to call it lol) on the first run? Like there is a stutter when the menu expands the first time