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  1. Hi! I have a timeline on line 112 where I morph and rotate the SVG in the top right corner. Just below the function on line 132 I have the eventlistener on the darkModeToggle for playing and reversing the timeline. Why isn't the timeline reversing back to the original state in the else statement there?
  2. Hi, Was just wondering if there is any way to test out the scroll plugin you're working on, or if there a beta version somewhere? Is there a planned release date?
  3. Ahh, gotcha. Will just setting it to a fixed value work? Or is border radius something specific that can slow down animations?
  4. Hi! I was just trying out the stagger method in gsap to test some things out and tried to replicate your own "Advanced stagger in GSAP 3" codepen. Yours look very smooth, but why is mine so janky and "slow/glitchy"? Here is your original one: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/jdawKx?editors=1010
  5. Okay, I see you had to put this inside the build settings in nuxt.config: Now it works! Sorry again build: { /* ** You can extend webpack config here */ extend() {}, transpile: ['gsap'], },
  6. Sorry, actually there must've been a hiccup here. I get an syntax error when Im trying to import the MorphSVGPlugin. Have you seen this error before?
  7. Very helpful @OSUblake - this solved the issue I was having. I wasn't aware of the gsap-bonus.tgz file that I can add to install them with NPM/Yarn. So the final code after following the video above was: import { gsap } from 'gsap'; import { MorphSVGPlugin } from 'gsap/MorphSVGPlugin'; if (process.client) { gsap.registerPlugin(MorphSVGPlugin); }
  8. I will try and watch the video and see if that helps first! Thanks @OSUblake
  9. Sure! Where do I send it to?
  10. Also this returned undefined. I had to remove the .default at the end. const { gsap } = require("gsap/dist/gsap").default;
  11. That doesn't seem to fix the problem unfortunately
  12. Hi guys, Im trying to import the MorphSVG plugin in a Nuxt project. I've seen some threads here that there has been some confusion about how to import them and I just want to know what you guys recommend. In the image below I've imported gsap as usual and put the morphSVG plugin and the registration inside an if to not run on the server. Inside the mounted hook Im trying to console log the morphSVG plugin, but get an error in the console (2nd image). Anybody know what Im doing wrong?
  13. Yep! The site is https://21-capital.com/ Might just be my eyes tricking me then! Well, thanks for the help
  14. Hey guys, On line 96 in that codepen you can see I've used gsap to animate the "boxes" rotation in the y axis. Why isnt the easing working here?
  15. Hey guys, I have an accordion where I want to have one of the accordion items open and the rest closed. In the codepen link, as you can see the one accordion item that is open doesn't have the smooth animation as the others. Could I somehow tell gsap "if the item is open, reverse the animation" in a way? Or just any guidance would be really appreciated