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  1. Hi, with GSAP3 I cant seem to animate an element to the set duration in code like this: tl.fromTo(".stagecover", {duration:5, autoAlpha:1}, {autoAlpha:0}); Animation runs always for around 0.5 seconds disregarding the duration. Please help.
  2. Fantastic, that worked ! Thanks a lot for replying so quick Jack. gsap and support here both are excellent!
  3. Hi, I have just started using GSAP and its really cool. In my current project i need voiceovers (.mp3) to start at a certain points for which i am calling onComplete parameter in timelinemax. Its works as expected when running without gsap devtools. But when i enable GSdevtools all onComplete events are fired at the start thus starting all the sounds together. P.S. Simplified version of my code created in codepen though didnt manage to play sounds. Live demo: http://create.mindsbourg.com/demo/index.php Thanks twcode.js