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  1. @GreenSock Thanks for your answer, Jack! I will try by myself, if not I will contact you.
  2. I mean scrub: 0.7, so animation of the moving seems like smooth scroll. In the last your codepen you are doing stagger animation, which is not what I want. Let me try to explain in another way, so we have block with elements: https://codepen.io/ChicagoJostik/pen/ExmVOGz Here is another codepen with pinning and elements moving to top, so when user scroll it seems like elements start moving smooth, but actually the block is pinned and elements inside of it moving up: https://codepen.io/ChicagoJostik/pen/dyWYQwo Do you see the difference?
  3. @Cassie Hello Cassie, Here is another codepen: https://codepen.io/ChicagoJostik/pen/oNWjaYq What I want to have the block ".wrapper" be pinned and move the content ".items" inside of it to top to have smooth scroll, and at the same time to have rotation animation for the boxes. Did you get the point what I want? Sorry for my bad explanation. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello, I have a block, when user scrolls it becomes pinned and elements inside of it start to move to top with scrub, it's kind of smooth scroll only for this block. So it's working good, but now I have an issue, because I can't understand how can I implement ScrollTrigger animation for elements that inside of this pinned block. I understand why it's not working right now because I move this elements with tween and the trigger position changed. Can you give me advice, please? Thanks in advance!
  5. @OSUblake But never mind. I think it's not a big trouble. Thanks for your time!
  6. @OSUblake Thanks for your answer! I think you misunderstood me, by liveSnap we can limit the dragging distance, right? But I'm telling about browser window's borders, you can leave it and dragging will still work, just try it:
  7. Hello all, I have an issue with Draggable, I inserted your codepen, but it doesn't matter, it happens with any working example where Draggable is. Try to press and hold your mouse on a wrapper and move it from right to left, then not letting go the left mouse button, leave the browser window and move your mouse, you will see that the drag is still working for blocks. Why it happens? Is there a possibility to prevent it? Thanks in advance!
  8. @GreenSock Thanks, Jack! I see what you've done, it's great!
  9. I just want to make text responsive on window resize after animation was done. So visible lines will be responsive, about invisible it doesn't matter. right? Or should I make it in another way? It's actually will be dynamic, the user can add animation to whatever text he/she wants by clicking the button in a WordPress site builder. Can you give me advice, please? I understand that it bad practice what I'm doing, but should I just give up with revert()?
  10. Hello, I have an issue with revert(), I splitted all elements with class .splittext two times to lines, so it's simple animation and everything is working, but I want to revert() every line on animation complete. My questions is - is it possible to target Splittext of every line? I mean something like this.SplitTextVar.revert(). Thanks in advance!
  11. @GreenSock If it is okay on your side, I think it's all my old macbook. Thanks a lot, Jack!
  12. @GreenSock I tried to reproduce it, but nothing. I have the same situation with class as with style in my localhost, so it looks like this <h1 class="" style=""> Okay, I will close my eyes on it) Thanks, Jack!
  13. Hey, I have a strange letter spacing after timeline animation in Firefox browser, I read a lot about this issue and font-kerning is solution for this, but not in my situation. So try to hover first paragraph in Firefox browser and see the changes, there will be wrong spacing. I have attachment how it looks like on my side after hover. If try to change font-size to bigger size it's kind of okay. But I need 18px) Firefox version 88.0, OS version 10.12.6 Sierra (maybe because of it this issue appear, can't check it) Can you help me, pl
  14. Hey all, I have a question about empty style and class that SplitText adds to an element, In the demo it adds only empty style to h1, you can check it in your console. But in my project it also add empty class, I can't recreate it in this codepen. It doesn't bother me a lot, but maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!