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  1. @mikel Thanks, Mikel! In my opinion, your alternative is better.
  2. @akapowl Thanks a lot! I tried to add these classes and target them, but didn't go in a right direction.
  3. I found out that it is better to not use reverse(), instead of this I made another codepen, but I still have issue, when you mouseenter first box will not change, but other will work normally: new codepen I still need help)
  4. Hey! I have the same divs with classes called "wrapper" and they both have same elements called "box" inside. When you mouseenter "wrapper" all boxes inside getting filter:grayscale(1) and autoAlpha:0.5 by tween, but also I have another tween which is saying that box that you target must be filter:grayscale(0) and autoAlpha:1. So my problem is that I can't overwrite first tween by second properly, if I add overwrite:true inside tween2 my function will not work at all. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me, please?
  5. I understand this, but sometimes it can't be done without these properties. Thanks a lot, Zach! Now everything is working!
  6. Hey! I have something like a button, on mouseenter event timeline starts play, then on mouseleave I want circle to dissapear and appear on starting point. For the first time it works, but then on second mouseenter timeline not working. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me, please?
  7. Hey, Jack! It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi! I tried to recreate the navigation https://www.steven-hanley.com/ So now I have in my codepen working example, The problem is when deltaX is 0, the animation starts to kill itself in a tick because of overwrite: true. My question is - is it possible somehow kill animation with smooth decay? I mean when my deltaX is 0, the tween should animate position of x to 0 with duration, not immediately. Thanks in advance!
  9. Finally, I found it https://codepen.io/jonathan/pen/QjzZpO
  10. Hey! I'm trying to recreate this menu https://www.steven-hanley.com/ So when you hover on the navigation and move mouse from right to left or opposite, menu starts to scroll. I saw in the forum a codepen with exactly the same vertical effect using gsap, but I've tried to find it all day and nothing. Can someone give me advice from where should I start, please?
  11. Never mind guys about this. All should I do, just move variables: offset = self.offset(), offsetL = offset.left, offsetT = offset.top, inside cursorMove(). 😅 Can I delete my post?
  12. Hey! I have an issue with my offset, if you mouseover text you will see image reveal and mouse follow. So everything is great, but for example I have block above whose height can be changed, so my offset after that will be not right. Can you give me advice, is there any methods in gsap that can update offset()? I thought about gsap.ticker(), but not sure is it right direction or not.
  13. @ZachSaucier I tried disable(), but the same result. With this new method everything is working great! How do you think when new gsap release will be? I'm finishing up my wordpress theme, but I would like to use this method very much.
  14. Hi again! Now I have another issue with window resize, When I reduce window size, the ScrollTrigger doesn't kill() itself, what am I doing wrong? What's working: if I refresh page with small window size, ScrollTrigger is killed and when I increase window size it enables ScrollTrigger, but not in reverse direction with window size deacreasing. Can you help me, please?
  15. No( But after our dialogue I've found out that I can make animation that I want like this: https://codepen.io/ChicagoJostik/pen/MWKoLEq 😅 sorry for disturbing you!
  16. @ZachSaucierHey, Zach! No, I mean when element is pinned, you scroll down and element is moving with the same speed as scrollbar, right? But what if we can make when you scroll, pinned element will move with some delay relatively to scrollbar. For example, popular gsap cursor animation, if we use gsap.set() it will be deadly pinned to cursor, but if we use gsap.to() with some duration, the cursor will be moving with duration, right? So in my codepen pinned element is the cursor with gsap.set(), but I want to make gsap.to() with duration. Did you undestand
  17. Hey! I have a question about pinning in ScrollTrigger. Is it possible to make pinning with scrub? I mean when I scroll, pinned element should catching up its fixed position with smooth ease. I understand that it uses position: fixed, so I can't imagine how it can be done. Can you give me advice, please?
  18. 😃 You're right, I tried in Google Chrome and Safari and everything is working, I'm using macOS Mojave 10.14.6, Mozilla Firefox 77.0.1 (64-byte).
  19. Never mind about this, my brain doesn't want to think, let's imagine we have a lot of codes and inside box I have another box)) This demo link is right. Can you look again, please? So first state this with black border-color: Second state after mouseenter with white border-color: Third state after mouseleave this with blue border-color: And if you look at first and third states they aren't same, right? I can't understand why. So I had black border-color, but after mouseenter and mouseleave I have blue border-color. Does this make a sense
  20. and can you give me example of what you mean by one tween?)
  21. Hi, Zach! No, I have a black border-color, on mouseenter I'm changing it to white, but on mouseleave I'm getting blue border-color, not my black that I had before. Can you look again, please?
  22. Hi! I have a simple example, my circle has a black border-color, on mouseenter in my timeline I'm changing its color, but on mouseleave I can't get it back, I have a decision, but it's not well looking, maybe there is a feature that I don't know. Can you help me, please?
  23. @Vishnu Manda Hey, Vishnu! It's better to use linear gradient. You can see it here https://codepen.io/ChicagoJostik/pen/Yzyajrr You can easily replace css hover animation into gsap!