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  1. I have some problems with scroll magic goes horizontal example. I have part of my portfolio website which I have some accordion images and I want them to expand to their 100% width as the people scroll the page. not by hovering. like what norgram.co is doing more or less but I just want it on my images. so I started to use the go horizontal structure of the magic Scroll and nothing is working and I don't know why. https://codepen.io/nargess-shabani/pen/oRvjGr#code-area help me, please. I am stuck.
  2. hello, I am totally new here so sorry if this is off topic but I saw this is kinda related to sliding and stuff I am facing this problem which I can't solve. I hope someone can help me. Need help to scroll when the mouse wheel is used. I want to have some accordion images and want them to span horizontally by mouse wheel to their 100% width. I have no idea why my code is not working at all. https://codepen.io/nargess-shabani/pen/oRvjGr#code-area