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  1. Hi Dipscom, Thanks for replying and welcoming on the forums. I am just try to make small animation using GSAP and SVG. Actually, here I am try to animate a Lamp SVG. Firstly, when page loads a lamp has slightly bouncing animation after that when we scroll down the page it will represent a bulb making process (one by one component ) and at the end of the page bulb will again start on/off animation. I have seen many codes here on forums but i haven't found any relevant code. I also used Scroll Magic to trigger my animations. (my code is dirty for sure because i am beginner)
  2. I was making an animation using GSAP and SVG. I am new to GSAP so i don't know that if there is another way to do this animation with GSAP. If there is any better way to do this please suggest me. I would be thankful for good suggestions. Edited : it has issue when user scroll very quickly many parts of bulb doesn't appear properly and also some issues when user scroll upside. (Give suggestion to fix it)