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  1. Quote

    sounds like you've got an overwriting problem


    It really was a problem with overwriting between tweens.
    I resolved this problem with delay parameter and timings for a timeline and for a tween and with deleted overlap position parameter. Next time I'll think before using this parameter. Thanks a lot for your help.

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  2. I have a single load for all animations where i assign this animations to the variable.

    var animations = {
      all: [{ anim: returnADAnimation() }, { anim: returnCLAnimation() }]

    All svg files for different animations hosted in one page, but i see only one svg file with his animation. All others located outside window viewport.
    To see other animations and its svg i have created a carousel.

    • When i switch to next svg, i pause the current animation for current svg and play next animation.
    • When i return to the previous, i pause current animation and restart previous. So in this step i have a big problem.


    First animation play:



    When i restart it i have different play behavior, (all the wheels jumps at the wrong time, and jumps more sharper than in the first play):





    Pause and restart:


          animations.all.map(el => {
            if (el.anim.animationId === menuItemId) {
              let anim = el.anim.animationTl
          animations.all.map(el => {
            if (el.anim.animationId === id) el.anim.animationTl.restart()

    I have a different timelines for all wheels and one main timeline for all of them.
    Second wheel

      let wheel2Tl = new TimelineMax()
        .set('#wheel2', { y: 0 }, 0)
        .to('#wheel2', 0.4, { y: -6 }, 0.5)
        .to('#wheel2', 0.1, { y: 0 }, 0.7)
        .to('#wheel2', 0.4, { y: -6 }, 1.4)
        .to('#wheel2', 0.1, { y: 0 }, 1.6)

    Main timeline:


      let mainDroidTl = new TimelineMax()
        .add(wheel3Tl, 0)
        .add(wheel2Tl, 0)
        .add(wheel1Tl, 0)
        .add(wheelsTl, 0)


    And i return in function this main timeline.



    I don't know how to fix wheels timeline problem. I tried everything and I don't know what else I can do.