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  1. Hey Zach, thanks for the answer! I just wanted to animate the mix-blend-mode on an image, like this : https://codepen.io/LaurieVince/full/BaNjGdb Any recommandation ? Thanks again, Laurie
  2. Hey ! I'm trying to use mixBlendMode in the new GSAP, but the duration is not respected. The effect works, but immediately, even if I write a duration of 4 seconds. Is everyone can help me with this issue ? Thanks a lot, Laurie
  3. Hi @OSUblake, Thanks for the recommandation ! But, can you explain to me your last line ? I'm so confused about imports. Yesterday, I tried to import ScrollMagic (with its plugins setTween + debug indicators), but I never found the solution. Thanks again !
  4. Of course, this is very clear now ! Thanks a lot Rodrigo !
  5. Hi Zach, thanks for the answer ! I created a CodeSandBox, because I don't know how to create a React JS Demo in CodePen. This is very basic, but I think it describes my actual problem. Here's the link : https://codesandbox.io/embed/busy-darkness-zdlmx Thank you again ! - Laurie
  6. Hi ! I'm trying to include my scrollTo plugin animation in my React JS website. I found other topics, but I didn't found the answer that I'm looking for. Perhaps the solution is easy, but I didn't ! Nothing is happening when I'm trying to make the animation with scrollTo. Here's a part of my actual code : import React, { Component } from "react"; import { TweenMax } from "gsap"; import ScrollToPlugin from 'gsap/umd/ScrollToPlugin'; class Header extends Component { testScroll(){ TweenMax.to('.nav-about', 1, { scrollTo: "#about" }) } render() { return ( <div className="nav-about" onClick={this.testScroll}> This is my big test </div> ); } } export default Header; I found how to import the ScrollToPlugin in my React App. But the problem is : I'm wondering if this plugin is called or not. Because when I click, nothing is happening. Precisions : The section that has the id "#about" is written in another component. Perhaps is this the problem ? Thanks a lot! - Laurie
  7. I made a little CodePen to explain my problem. Thanks very much Zach. Have a great day ! (I wrote start() and restart() functions in my mouseover and mouseleave events) I don't know how to insert an iframe so this is the link
  8. Hi Craig, Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, it does not work. ? No problem with : tl.start(0); But if I write .restart(); after the play() function, nothing happens.
  9. Thanks a lot Zach. By the way, I'm confronted to a new (little) problem. If I don't use reverse(), but another animation I saw the play() function works only one time. Perhaps I made a mistake. But, looks weird. Any suggestion or idea ? Thanks again. Have a great day !
  10. Hi Zach, thanks for this explication ! And so is there a difference if i use yPercent: 100 or yPercent: '100%' too ? Thank you again ! I'm going to update my code !
  11. Hello, I'm Laurie ! I have created a codepen to explain my question, here's the link : https://codepen.io/anon/pen/PreNWM I have 3 blocks, and I want 3 different transformations for each. So I created a loop, and different functions with in a TimelineMax. So, inside the for loop, I created my Master Timeline, to add each function I created before. Why did I do that ? Before on mouseover event I want to play the Master Tl, and on mouseleave event I want to reverse that animation. Perhaps this is not a good way to do that ? My problem is : the color transition is not respected. I don't know why but on mouseover (or mouseleave) the time is not 1s like I wrote. Please, do you have an answer to this problem ? Thanks a lot !!! ?
  12. Hi, I'm Laurie, and i'm a new member in the GSAP community. I work on my own photography website, et i'm trying to create something but I'm pretty lost. So, I decided to create a topic here, if someone could send me some help ? So, in my website, I have an index where i have 2 links in the main menu : t - A simple link which scrolls to the isotope section (that's ok, it works! ) - A difficult link where I wanted to create a scroll and the filter (but i really don't know how to do that...). I mean, when I click to the second link, i would like to scroll and have the filter at the same time. ( Of course, this pen is not my website. I would like to create a website with many pages, with the main menu. ) Perhaps it's not possible, or I don't know. That's why I post my problem on this forum. The CodePen : https://codepen.io/LaurieVince/pen/BEOpRp Thanks a lot in advance. Laurie