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  1. Very cool. This is a great approach. Thanks a lot @mikel Question – why is it rotating. Is this because each svg is a little offset from the other? It looks like it is kind of 'stepping' each time it morphs
  2. @mikel Thanks for the response! I came across this post when I was searching the forum.. this is more of a blob and seems to have a lot more of a random effect. Here is a pen where I pasted in just the line path to see how the blob will morph it. https://codepen.io/H0BB5/pen/gJvjqw?editors=1010
  3. Hey everyone! I have this button I am trying to make here. It is morphing between two svg's on the hover states. What I am trying to achieve is allow the squiggly paths to continuously appear to wave when the hover is active. Rotating the circle doesn't quite achieve the affect, it's almost like I would need each path/curve to invert? The line-path I thought would be easier to achieve the waving effect but i'm having difficulty. Thanks in advance
  4. I too just purchased a license and am having trouble importing my CustomEase plugin into Nuxt. TweenMax is working fine for me. I just followed Dipscom's instructions and I am getting 'Missing stack frames' in the browser.