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  1. Thanks for the quick and efficient help, so I'm using Divi and a plugin to allow inline SVG called "SVG support". Late answer I was working on the SVG responsiveness it's a bit better now but not perfect yet. I changed the code as you said in noConflict and BIM it works DrawSVG in action. // wait until DOM is ready document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) { console.log("DOM loaded"); // wait until images, links, fonts, stylesheets, and js is loaded window.addEventListener("load", function(e) { // custom GSAP code goes here var signyoli = jQuery.noConflict(); TweenMax.staggerFromTo(signyoli('#mask-sig path'), 1.2, {drawSVG: "0%"}, {drawSVG: "100%"}, 1.2); }, false); }); I get an error here and it seems it's not working on safari mac and iOs Got still blink at the start of the animation the SVG shows up fully blinks and then the mask applies, so I'm curious about what you mean by "use jQuery not $ or better yet don't use it and let gsap find the element"? How would I let gsap find the element? Thanks again, Dylan
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post on the forum I'm new to GSAP. I'm trying to implement DrawSVG has a logo on Wordpress everything seems to load according to print screen I'm a bit stuck would appreciate ideas or help for this. this is my pen https://codepen.io/pixosesos/pen/mYgRLZ I'm using an existing theme and working in a child theme. Cheers Dylan