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  1. There are lots of animation in the page which client don't want to go for updating all. Thanks for the demo, the demo which you have provide is working but there is an issue with animation, when you stop scrolling at any point then rotation of SVG also stops. I don't want like like that, I want if rotation is set from 0deg to 180deg then it should not stop in between even if we stop scrolling. In my codepen example if you see then rotation animation don't stop even if we stop scrolling, and it is working perfect but it is not working for first time only, that's the only issue I am facing as of now.
  2. Thank you for your reply. For whom I am developing website there upgrade is not possible for me as of now. I also want to remove CSS transition for rotation, but SVG rotate on every single scroll and I don't want that, I need on each scroll full rotation should happen and rotation should not stop if I stop scrolling.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have issue with TweenMax which I have created in my codepen. When you will open the codepen URL and start scrolling down you will notice that SVG rotation in not rotating smoothly, But when you scroll up again it will start smooth rotating. This issue is only first time. Can any one please help me on this?
  4. Hello Everyone, Can anyone help me how to make animation of image which move on page scroll like below URL https://www.zenefits.com/ If you check when page load there is image on right which move on different location when page is scroll. If any reference or help is there to learn this kind of animation it will be big help. Thanks, AJ
  5. Hello All, I am looking for the same text hover effect like below link. https://www.artistsweb.com/?fbclid=IwAR1ZFgHylvcRXuiqxcfiLOykfnX7VyQv4CssztG0TbkdW1RlxEWcZ1bMkXE Please help me out.