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  1. I'm trying to make an animated map of sorts by having markers show up on google maps at a certain time/after a certain amount of time has passed. I've only found one other post on how to move a marker, but can't seem to "select" the marker to change the opacity. I've got it working with setTimeout, but I would like the ability to scrub the animation, which seems to be quite difficult/slow without GS given the number of points I'm trying to animate. I've included a codepen with 2 points. https://codepen.io/azhao/pen/rgvXJq The only thing I can think of doing is to c
  2. Thanks for the tip, Carl -- my bad. Will keep that in mind in the future. (It was simplified to me because I had several times more circles and 100x more data points haha ><) I had a typo with the cx, cy being undefined in the notworking function, but this was the solution--did not know this. It's working now--Thanks so much! Just for closure sake, is it not possible to do this with the bezier plugin? I have the pseudo-stationary movement now with the non bezier method (does this have a proper name?), but don't understand exactly when to use one method ove
  3. I'm new to GS, so apologies for any poorly described things...I'm facing two issues. I'm trying to have circles move according to specific data I have for each circle, and I first tried to move an svg along a path like in this codepen by Sarah Drasner https://codepen.io/sdras/pen/aOZOwj, but there are instances where the circles should appear to stop momentarily but even when the data roughly repeats itself multiple times (they'll be different by 1-2), it doesn't seem to have any effect. (I'm not sure if it's visible from my codepen, but even when I tried manipulating the path points in Dras