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    Oh I solved! Thank you for your quick, helpful anwser.^0^ I didn't use hitTest() this time, but I think I will use in another function! onDrag: () { if ($el.offsetWidth > Math.round($body.offsetWidth - $el._gsTransform.x)) { TweenLite.set($el, {width: $body.offsetWidth - $el._gsTransform.x}); } }
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    Hi! I want to add an animation in edgeResistance. in other words, is there a option which detect the moment of touch between browser's edge and the element? Expected action: When I drag the element to the browser's edge, the more I push the element to the edge, the smaller it gets. keep drag to the right => width become smaller. keep drag to the bottom => height become smaller. Thank You!
  3. When I drag the 'Draw me 1', '1' is follow with, but the class 'wrapper' doesn't follow. I apply this codePen to my project like '1' is browser and the 'Draw me 1' box is browser bar. So when I drag the browser bar then browser move together with no delay. But wrapper is always keep it's first position. How can I fix this? Sorry for my poor English grammar and Thank you!
  4. If I drag 'A' div, 'B' div is move with 'A'. They are stick up and down like this. <div id='A'></div> <div id='B'></div> But when I drag 'A' to the outside of the browser and drop, 'A' is find it's place immediately but 'B' is a little late. I want to make them always move together with no delay. Please help me!