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  1. Project is still in development but here it is - - https://duffscakemix.zentropy.us/ It also takes nth number of images and calculates what to show. I have given the client the ability to load multiple images in the wordpress dashboard.
  2. Thanks for everyones help. with a fresh set of eyes(in addition to your assistance) I was able to track down the issue. I am a wordpress/Magento dev so I was a bit puzzled by the eroneous scripts pointed out to me in this thread, so I started there. In wordpress my colleague who built the page had a plugin called layerslider7 enabled. it did not seem to be used. This plugin was not only loading the following script, but the ancient version of TweenMax. var oldGS=window.GreenSockGlobals,oldGSQueue=window._gsQueue,oldGSDefine=window._gsDefine;window._gsDefine=null;delete(window._gsDefine);var gwGS=window.GreenSockGlobals={}; I found this declaration in the middle of a bunch of LayerSLider7 scripts. I disabled the plugin and Boom! back in business. Radial animation cake dial is up here --- https://duffscakemix.zentropy.us/
  3. ok, that makes sense, It is a wordpress site, and the files are being enqueued via the standard wordpress method. I cleaned it up and still no dice. It is a wordpress environment, and I dont know where the code you posted came from. How can I force the files to be loaded onto the global container. I have never had this issue before.
  4. ok, that makes sense, It is a wordpress site, and the files are being enqueued via the standard wordpress method. Ill clean it up and see what I can come up with. Thanks!
  5. I am having an issue loading Draggable. I am 100% certain it is being loaded. Everything else is. https://greensock.com/forums/topic/20425-draggable-is-not-defined-draggable-is-loaded/
  6. I keep getting Draggable not defined error. but I see it is being loaded like the other files. No codepen here. Works in my sandbox - https://animation-sandbox.zentropy.us/duffs-cake-mix/ Does not load here. https://duffscakemix.zentropy.us/ When I moved the page over to the same environment it will not load Draggable. it loads everything else. I am 100% sure the file is being loaded in the header. Does this need to be loaded elswhere?
  7. Wow! This works beautifully! It helps a great deal. I am implementing for a an animation like this for a cake company. I will post to this thread when it publishes.
  8. Soory Still a bit new to this forum, What can I provide? other than the embed link
  9. Hi, I am working with throwprops plugin maybe you can help. I was refrencing the following Is there a way to make this work on drag using draggable. Essentailly I do not want the child elements to rotate. I would not want any child element to rotate, no matter the position. Check out my prototype here https://codepen.io/Kirshman/pen/qwwovj Trying to make it work with this. I also need to show a different image every so many degrees based upon how many images are loaded. but that is an other story