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  1. Hi, I'd like to download an image from a URL but I do not need to display it but just save it locally as a byteArray, so I don't need a loader or visual element to be created. Is there any way to download the image as data that gives me a byteArray without creating extra stuff?
  2. Thank you guys. I will try this out when I get a chance. It was mainly for testing something. I have an AIR app that I got from a client that runs on Android and has been giving me loading issues (not LoaderMax related). The app contains a very large amount of .swf files that load, each one being around 10kb each. I've had the suspicion that they load so fast it causes the app to hang. So I wanted to slow down the load to see if it helped the issue. Hopefully it will because the client is out of budget to continue to make further changes :/ Thank you Jack and Zync! - D
  3. Hi, was wondering if loader max had a delay property where I could add a delay in between loaders that have been appended if they are loaded sequentially? Something like: var loader:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({maxConnections:1, delay: 2}); loader.append(blablalb); loader.append(blablal); loader.load(); That way in between each loaded file it waits 2 seconds before loading the next. Is this possible? Thanks! Danny
  4. hmmmm you're right. Is there any other filter I can use to give me a tint effect that won't do this? I'm trying to create a preset type animation that can apply for many clips so I want to avoid having to require my object to have some sort of hiearchy of clips inside of it. Any ideas would be apprecaited thanks!
  5. Hi, simple problem. I want to tint a movieclip a solid color AND apply a glow around it of a different color. But the problem right now is that my tint is overtaking the color applied to my glow. So everything ends up colored by the tint. Here is the tween I am creating: TweenMax.to($d, .5, {glowFilter: { color:0x00ffff, alpha:1, blurX:7, blurY:7, strength:7 }, colorTransform:{tint:0xffffff, tintAmount:1}}); The tween should tint the object (represented here as $d ) white and do a turquoise glow around it. Any idea why its not doing it and how I can fix it? Thanks in advance! Danny
  6. that was so amazingly simple. It works perfectly. lol. thanks!
  7. I searched around the forums but could not find any post that could help me so my apologies if it has been answered before. Basically I have a clock type arm that spins to different positions depending on what the user selects. It spins just like a clock arm, its pivot being at the end of the arm. Everything works fine except that the arm should only rotate clockwise, never counter-clockwise. So on some values the user selects the arm spins in the opposite direction, sometimes oddly enough even if the opposite direction is not the closest distance it will still spin that way. I just need to always force it to spin clockwise no matter the value. Is there any way I can do this? Let me know thanks.
  8. Here is a quick example of what I mean. Say you have a circle called circle_mc located on the top left of the stage. Now say this circle_mc has a tween that animates it to the bottom right corner. Now what I want to do is that as it is moving down to the bottom right corner I want it to sort of oscillate or jitter smoothly as it is traveling down. My question is, can this be done while only targeting circle_mc? I would need two tweens sort of layered on top of each other and both modifying the x and y position of circle_mc at the same time but in different ways. This doesn't sound possible... is it? lol
  9. Hoping someone could help me. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I have two functions. One to tint(colorize) a movieclip and one to supposedly remove the color effect that was added. The object changes color as expected. But when I try to remove the color it doesn't work. In the function below I have the amount set to 0 on the tintRemove function but I ALSO tried setting the time to 0 on the tintRemove function and setting the remove property to true so that it would supposedly remove the effect but it still does not. I made sure my tintRemove function was being called. Also if I just try a regular tint inside that function it works fine. It just doesn't want to remove and reset my clip to its original look:( How can I remove the color effect I had added to the object? What am I doing wrong? public function tint($d:DisplayObject, $c:Number=0x00ffff, $amount:Number=1, $animated:Boolean = true, $index:Number=0):TweenMax { var $time:Number = .2; if (!$animated) $time = 0; return TweenMax.to($d, $time, {index:$index, colorMatrixFilter:{colorize:$c, amount:$amount} } ); } public function tintRemove($d:DisplayObject):TweenMax { return TweenMax.to($d, .2, {colorMatrixFilter:{colorize:0x00ffff, amount:0} } ); }
  10. This worked perfectly. I thought I needed to use Delegate there to keep my method from calling right away. Didn't think of trying it without it:) Thanks!
  11. Hi I was wondering if this is possible? I have a function that runs a tween i use for many different items but at one point i would like to append this function call to a timlineMax instance so it runs in sequence with other tweens I made. Here is my code: var $timeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); $timeline.append(TweenMax.to(_container.tile, .5, { x:308, y:235 } )); $timeline.append(Delegate.create(AnimationPresets.instance.scaleIn, _container.measurements_mc)) // <--- as you can see this tween is created by a "scaleIn" function public function scaleIn($d:DisplayObject):TweenMax { return TweenMax.to( $d, .2, { scaleX:1.4, scaleY:1.4, ease: Linear.easeNone } ) } But the above is not working because I guess it tries to append without executing the method call which would give it a valid TweenMax Tween. Any idea how I could do something like this?
  12. Hi Carl, thanks I appreciate the compliment I always try to be thorough:) Well I tried what you suggested and it all traced fine. And now from doing further testing it looks like the problem may have something to do with the framework I am using on that flash piece. If I don't use the framework everything works perfectly. The slideIn is called and the objects slide in with no problem at all. But if I run it off the framework it dies:( So what I'll do is run this issue by the framework architect to see if maybe the framework is killing the tweens or something which it could very well be doing since TweenMax is used within the framework. So yea, doesn't look like a TimelineMax issue:) Thanks for your help and I'll post back if it turns out being something else! Danny
  13. Hi there I have a super simple animation set within a class that I want to trigger when called but it is not working for me. I can call the slideIn() method and I can see my trace traces out, but no animation:(. Can anyone help? Maybe I'm not setting something up correctly See my code below: public function init(){ _mc1.x = _mc2.x = _mc3.x = _mc4.x = 972; _timeline = new TimelineMax(); _timeline.insertMultiple([new TweenMax(_mc1, .5, {x:228.5, ease:Expo.easeInOut}), new TweenMax(_mc2, .5, {x:523, ease:Expo.easeInOut}), new TweenMax(_mc3, .5, {x:228.05, ease:Expo.easeInOut}), new TweenMax(_mc4, .5, {x:523.9, ease:Expo.easeInOut})], 0, TweenAlign.SEQUENCE, -.3); _timeline.stop(); // I put a stop here because it plays automatically if I don't which I'm guessing is normal behavior?? } public function slideIn() { trace("slide in"); _timeline.gotoAndStop(0); _timeline.play(); } public function slideOut() { _timeline.gotoAndStop(_timeline.totalDuration); _timeline.reverse(); } Anyone see any reason why this is not working? On my fla I just have a clean fla with a class that calls the slideIn() method. Not working