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  1. Unfortunately it is but the design has already been approved and I cannot do anything about it. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help, Zach!
  2. I think the best way to show the big picture is the animation concept video. The problem is that it is impossible to get by with just one timeline, since for each section, different elements are the trigger for animation. Here is a link to google disk with video - https://drive.google.com/file/d/17tdw1iH3i_IYjDVn3vVUJqtaXR-7sO2r/view
  3. Thank you very much for such a quick response! The example I have provided is oversimplified. In reality, the project structure is modularized. Could you give some advice on the general structure of the animation, i.e. for the animation of the entire page to work correctly, does globalTl need to have its own scrollTrigger?
  4. Hello, dear GSAP-team! Thank you again for such a wonderful plugin. I have a problem, I have been trying to solve it for several days. The problem is that the element on the page must move by scroll along the x-axis to the right and left, while it is fixed. It is initially located in the center of the page on the x-axis. In the process of scrolling in the first section, everything works as it should, the element is moved by x pixels to the left. In the next part, you need to move the element either to its original position, i.e. to zero along the x-axis, or to the right by some number o