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  1. I didn't figure out I could do this by Flip, to be honest, I just skimmed the Flip when this plugin released. And it seems like gsap have some interesting methods can be used like getRelativePosition(). Thanks!
  2. For example, can I use like: gsap.to("#el",{localPosition: "#destinationEl", duration: 1}) then "#el" will move to "#destinationEl". I Know I could calculate the distance between two elements but it's too bothersome. does gsap support this feature?
  3. Thanks for the reply! I don't know why I missed that topic, sorry.
  4. I'm trying using GSDevTools on my vue3 project, with just the simplest DEMO example: <script setup lang="ts"> import {onMounted } from "vue"; import gsap from "gsap"; import GSDevTools from "gsap/GSDevTools"; gsap.registerPlugin(GSDevTools); onMounted(() => { //give this tween an id gsap.to(".grey", { duration: 1, x: 700, rotation: 360, delay: 3, id: "grey", }); GSDevTools.create(); }); </script> <template> <div class="w-12 h-12 bg-gray-500 grey"></div> </template> but there is only one option "global timeline" for me to choose I've checked the documents, if I specify the animation id in GSDevTools.create(), it worked fine but only one animation can I choose. What should I do?