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  1. Hello, Thank you for your great work and the release of the 3.10 with the new ScrollSmoother. I'm trying it out on a new projet and I'd like to achieve an infinite scroll that contains scrollTriggers. I made a simple demo trying to make an infinite scroll. It kind of works on scroll down (i couldn't make it work on scroll up) but I have couple of problems : I can only access the progress within the self element, is there a way to get the Y position so that I can precisely scroll to the repeated section ? I am currently comparing the progress for sections of the same size, but I'm going to have different section sizes and pinning an element will also create issues I think the best way would be to compare the scroll position in pixel with the windowHeight to easily detect when we are at the top/bottom of the page Can I disable the smooth scroll end when arriving to the bottom of the page so it feels flowless ? Are the scrollTriggers going to work seemlessly ? Thank you in advance ! Lucas